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Training session of the Executive MBA Program was held in Australia in December 2011 (Sydney-Melbourne-Perth). Participants of the program visited Government of Western Australia, research labs of the New South Wales University and Western Australia University and offices and sites of the oil and gas companies to learn about major offshore LNG-projects, development of the coal bed methane fields, new technologies in logging as well as HR and Training and Development strategies and Talent Management

Australia, December 2011 Australia, December 2011

Brazil and Venezuela


Executive MBA, 2008

In December 2008 a training session of the Executive MBA Program dedicated to the development of the offshore oilfields was organized in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and Venezuela (Caracas).

Participants of the program visited Research and Development Center of Petrobras to learn about the Company's offshore and onshore activities, R&D strategy and innovations



Brazil and Argentina


A training session of the Executive MBA program was organized in Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil and Buenos-Aires, Argentina in December 2012.
Patricipants of the program visited HQ of Petrobras and YPF oil and gas companies, Schlumberger and Petrobras R&D centers, Tenaris production plant and Tenaris University

Cenpes, Petrobras, Brazil, Executive MBA, December 2012 Tenaris University, Argentina, Executive MBA, December 2012



Canada, 2011

A training session of the Oil and Gas Business Program for HR managers and specialists was organized in Canada (Edmonton-Calgary) in October 2011.

Participants of the program visited Alberta University, SAIT Polytechnic, Calgary University, offices of ENFORM and Petroleum HR Council.

Also, they participated in the meeting with the President of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association, discussed current problems in the Human Resourses Management with colleagues from TDE and Schlumberger Canada



A training program for executives on oil refinery and petroleum chemistry was conducted in November 2010 in Finland (Helsinki-Porvoo-Naantali). Participants of the program from major companies such as Gazprom neft, LUKOIL, Russneft visited the HQ and production sites of Neste Oil, processing plant Borealis, learned about the current state and petroleum industry development strategy in Finland

Finland, 2010 Finland, 2010


On December 2010 a training session of Executive and Global MBA Programs was conducted in France. Participants of the Program visited The International Energy Agency, Ecoles des Mines de Paris, and the R&D and innovation center of IFP in Lion. Also, they leaned about HR, Talent Management and Training and Development strategies in Total and Schlumberger

France, 2010


In September 2008 and September 2010 training sessions in Japan were organized. Executive MBA programs participants visited Tokyo Gas and NEDO companies and learned about state regulation of the oil and gas industry in Japan, current economic trends, innovation policy, brand development and HR training strategies.

Executive MBA, Japan Executive MBA, Japan

Indonesia and Singapore


Executive MBA 2007

In December 2007 a training session of the Executive MBA Program was held in Singapore and Indonesia.

Participants of the program learned about activity and strategy of major oil and gas companies in South-East Asia and visited the world's largest transportation and oil refinery hub on the Jurong Island




The Netherlands

Shell, 2010

The training session of the Executive MBA Program was organized in July 2010 in the Netherlands,

Participants of the program visited Shell and Gasunie HQ, Shell Technology Center, Harbor of Rotterdam and Delft Technological University, learned about the Open Innovation Program in Phillips Research



Norway, 2007

A training program for HR Managers of LUKOIL and subsidiaries was conducted in Norway in November 2007.

Participants of the program visited oil and gas companies, R&D centers and the University


Moscow Petroleum Institute

Young professionals training program was organized for LUKOIL and Tatneft engineers in April 2015





The United Arab Emirates and Oman


Executive MBA, 2007

The training session of the Executive MBA Program for HR managers was held in Emirates and Oman in July 2007.

Participants of the Program visited personnel training centers in Abu Dhabi and Masqat, meet with the faculty of the Sultan Kabus University

The United Kingdom

Executive MBA, 2008

The training session of the Executive MBA Program was held in The United Kingdom in July 2008.

Participants of the program visited London House, Reuter Agency, BP HQ and Cambridge University.

Also a meeting with the Mayor of Aberdeen was organized



Training sessions of the Executive MBA Program were organized in the US in July 2007 (Palo Alto-San Francisco-Bakersfield-Los Angeles), August 2009 (California), July 2011 (California), July 2012 (San Francisco-Boston), summer 2013. Programs participants visited offices and R&D centers of oil and gas and IT companies such as Chevron, Berry Petroleum Company, Schlumberger, Google, Cisco; oilfields in Long Beach (THUMS) and Bakersfield, campuses of Stanford University, MIT and Harvard Business School

USA, 2009 USA, 2011

План-график на 2020 год

Разработан план-график проведения программ профессиональной переподготовки и повышения квалификации на 2020 год

План-график 2020

20 лет Клубу исследователей скважин

Программы развития технических компетенций 2020:
повышение квалификации (семинары Клуба) и программа профессиональной переподготовки "Геотехнологии добычи нефти и газа"

Буклет Клуба 2020

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Инновационные туры 2019:
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